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Bryce Harrisberger

Bryce Harrisberger
Marketing Consultant at Maderia Group

✍️ "Hi everyone. My name is Bryce Harrisberger, and I have been a marketing consultant for five years.

What I love most about marketing is seeing the direct impact of my work and how it affects the success of each business I collaborate with.

Working in energy and with Maderia Group, I can appreciate how large the industry is and how close the community is. I’m excited to continue helping each business we work with realize its potential and to guide them through the steps to reach major success."

Adi Galibardova
Marketing Consultant at Maderia Group

✍️ "Hello, my name is Radina Galibardova, and I am thrilled to be a part of the Maderia Group as a Marketing Automation consultant.

While I have been involved in various industries throughout my career, I am relatively new to the energy sector. And let me tell you, it has been an incredible journey of discovery! I have developed a deep fascination for understanding energy clients, their unique personas, and their diverse customer experiences and needs. Each day brings new opportunities for learning and growth.

At Maderia Group, I am committed to leveraging my skills and expertise in marketing to serve the energy industry. My goal is to provide innovative and tailored solutions that help our clients achieve remarkable growth and success. By utilizing my knowledge of marketing automation and my understanding of customer behavior, I aim to deliver impactful strategies that resonate with our energy clients.

I am genuinely excited to embark on this journey in the energy industry"


Ken Aglubat
Marketing Assistant Email & Content Specialist

✍️ “Navigating the digital marketing currents for 7 years across finance, real estate, tech, and education now, I'm stoked to be steering a ship with Maderia Group in making an impact in the energy industry.

What makes working at Maderia Group so thrilling is the variety of clients we engage within the energy sector. From breakthrough technologies to established players, every project brings its own set of challenges and opportunities. Here, we’re not just about pixels and algorithms; It’s the messages that resonate with our clients and their customers.

I look forward to learning more about the energy industry as we go along and to helping our clients with their marketing, from beginning to success”

Todd Sacks
Production Manager at
Maderia Group

✍️ "What I find interesting about the energy industry is the inner workings.

I am continuously learning about all the different aspects of the industry and understanding the products, how they work and what it takes to keep the customers warm in the winter and comfortable in the summer.

What I also love about the industry is the generations of families that own and operate every aspect of the business they have given everything to. I also enjoy working with the drivers, and HVAC techs who are the face of these companies. They are down to earth hard working people who feel appreciated and part of the bigger picture when you take their photos or ask them questions for the company videos.

I have been in the production industry for over 25 years and what I do does not feel like work. It feels like a hobby that I have been able to turn into a career. I am passionate about what I do, and will do what is needed to create, produce, and deliver, photos and videos our clients are proud of"