Founder's Story

Andrew & Dad

Reflecting on my life, I want to share how my journey started in my childhood. I come from a simple, hardworking commercial fishing family, and during those early years, I learned the value of working hard. This laid the foundation for my future career path.

After finishing my studies at Franklin Pierce in 2005, I initially joined the family fishing business, thinking it would be my long-term career. However, I soon realized it wasn't the right fit for me. That's when I decided to switch gears and enter the corporate world.

This change turned out to be a significant journey for me. I gained valuable experience working at companies like AT&T, Crown Advertising, and a marketing firm that partnered with big retail names like Costco, Home Depot, and Walmart. Despite accumulating a lot of experiences during this phase, I still felt as though I hadn't found my true calling.

In 2012, randomly, I bumped into an old ski buddy at a local pub, and little did I know that would change the course of my career. I dove into the energy business, spending six months learning from Mark and gaining crucial insights into the industry.

My energy business career kicked off in e-commerce fuel sales while working as a sales rep for a company named The Energy Engine, where I promoted the online solution and sold the online platform to both heating oil and propane dealers, mainly on the East Coast. Fast forward two years and an opportunity arose, connecting me with Ed Miller from Skylands Energy, who became the first fuel dealer we worked with, getting their online platform set up and churning gallons.

Teaming up with Brett from L4 Group, we not only introduced the Energy Engine platform to more fuel dealers but also expanded our services to include marketing and consulting. This successful collaboration led to the founding of the Maderia Group in 2016. Starting small, we rapidly grew, adding services and increasing our industry presence. Our main goals have always been continuous learning and building strong client relationships, setting us apart in the industry.

Looking ahead to 2024, I envision Maderia Group expanding relationships and opportunities with both existing fuel dealers and fostering those onto the ones we build with new dealers in the energy industry. Maintaining the personal, intimate, and hands-on approach the business was built on will continue to guide us in the future.

Andrew Founder's Story